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To serving the society with our widespread infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, backed by the nation’s best professionals, equals those available globally.




To establish as an accomplished premier institute of global standing committed to:


(a)   Develop able, responsible and knowledgeable graduates capable of addressing social and public health problems


(b)   Excellence in learning with thrust and emphasis on contemporary Education, with flexibility and accommodation for future growth and expansion by incorporating Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicines as a backbone of Medical Education.


(c)   High Quality Research inclination, ambience and work culture with an obligation to provide the best to the society for alleviation of Human suffering.


(d)   State of Art Technology – providing Equitable Health care services of Global standards to the society; eradicate diseases inflicting the society, enhance a healthy & productive life to all individuals and help in the Evolutionary progress of the Human Race.





BNYSM is a multi-specialty medical institution with focus on providing world class and holistic Healthcare education and service to community, training medical and paramedical professionals and promoting research and academics in Complementary and Alternative Medicines.




The BOARD OF NATUROPATHY AND YOGA SYSTEMS OF MEDICINE(BNYSM) has developed the following mission, vision and values statements as a foundation for the new regulatory college and will use these statements to guide the development of the regulations, policies, by-laws and operating procedures for the future College of  Naturopaths of India.
About Us

Let us work together to make this world

                                                                     healthier, happier and excellent place for

                                                                                                                                           the generation to come...


Board of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (BNYSM) of Alternative Therapies & Yogic Sciences is one of the leading medical board providing education and health care services of truly global standards. A comprehensive range of general and super specialty medical services are provided here including complex treatments to authentic Complementary and Alternative Medicines experience. The institute focuses to deliver high quality, comprehensive, integrated medical education including innovative thoughts towards modern technology and research.  We provide the finest in infrastructure and facilities to our students when it comes to learning and research along with experienced and dedicated faculty, outstanding clinical facilities, and a world-class environment that supports education. We offer different courses including Complementary and Alternative Medicines mainly Naturopathy, Yoga and many more.




Board of Complementary & Alternative Medicine (BNYSM) serve over thousands of patients annually through his affiliated institutes..  As a leading educational and health care organization BNYSM develops and maintains a spirit of charity and cooperation with the primary goal of improving patient safety and of promoting health in rural, urban and underserved communities. BNYSM wish to rise above the realm of therapeutic care with a new focus on preventive care, to bring health to the community.




Complementary and alternative medicine or CAM is the term used for medical practices and products that includes a wide variety of therapies and alternative approaches using natural methods. Complementary medicine or Integrative Medicine is a term used when combining Alternative Medicine with conventional medicine.

Alternative medicines are used in replacement of conventional medicine.  A person would use alternative approaches to healing, such as natural herbal remedies, vitamins, herbs, massage, chiropractic care, aromatherapy, homoeopathy energy healing, acupuncture, acupressure, and more, to avoid using pharmaceutical drugs and surgery.









The faculty views Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (Complementary and Alternative Therapies) courses as a profession which makes definite contribution to Natural Health Care. The scope of Complementary and Alternative Therapy course includes the prevention of disease, the promotion of health consciousness among individuals, families and community and the care for the sick, injured and infirm in the Hospitals and Community. The concept of comprehensive Complementary and Alternative Therapies care during illness, rehabilitation, guiding and teaching of patients and family regarding continued care, recovery and of health care Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (Complementary and Alternative Therapies) are the dynamic therapeutic and educative process of meeting the health needs of the society. Effective professional education requires an appropriate connection between the art and science of professional practice.


              The faculty accepts its responsibility to make provision in this programme for the continued development of the student as an individual citizen and as a professional Medical Practitioner.


(1)    To educate and train Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (Complementary and Alternative Therapies) staff as per the requirements of Health Care Centers / Institutions globally.

(2)    To create & develop world class environment for aspiring students to acquire knowledge.

(3)    To educate and guide student community regarding Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (Complementary and Alternative Therapy) courses and its importance.

(4)    To arrange and conduct health awareness camps in rural and urban areas.

(5)    To educate masses in general about Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (Complementary

and Alternative Therapies) and its importance for good health.

(6)    To prepare Medical and Para-Medical personnel to conduct researches on providing Care Services.

(7)    To establish meaningful linkage between Hospitals and Medical Institution to serve the society better.

(8)    To Excel in the Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (Complementary and Alternative

Therapies)  field.



  • Provide students with knowledge that is necessary to their functioning as competent, integrative, alternative health care professionals./li>
  • Evaluate its instructional and clinical experience programs.
  • Provide the training in clinical procedures and diagnostic skills.
  • To increase the no of medical and health professionals knowledgeable and sufficiently skilled to integrate alternative with conventional therapies in health care professional practice.
  • To provide the knowledge and skills to the students is necessary for the successful practices of the health & medicine.




BNYS is a Five year Medical Degree in Naturopathy & Yoga which include four years full time study and 1 year of rotator internship program which is a full time clinical training in various institutions, clinics and Hospitals.